Jeffry Susanto

Cunningham Street · South Yarra, 3141 ·

  • A result oriented professional with proven abilities to exercise initiative, accept challenges and apply creativity to overcome obstacles and to make effective contributions to the performance of a team.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills include ability to speak in public, prepare clear, concise and accurate reports, presentations and other documents to convey complex ideas and concepts.
  • Well-developed IT proficiency and a demonstrated ability to rapidly become competent in new software.
  • Experienced in leveraging agile framework on my software development lifecycle.
  • Highly motivated and problem solver.


Online Tutor

RMIT University, Australia

  • COSC2453 - Web Programming Period: Nov 2019-Mar 2020, Jun-Sep 2020, Nov 2020-Mar 2021, Nov 2021-Mar 2022
    The subject will provide an overview of Internet technology and will introduce you to current web protocols, client side and server side programming, communication and design. (HTML, CSS, HCI - Human-computer Interface, Javascript, PHP)
    Course Coordinator: Trevor Reynolds
  • COSC1133 - Unix System Administration and Programming (Linux) Period: Aug-Dec 2019, Aug-Dec 2020, Aug-Dec 2021
    This course provides an intensely practical introduction to basic Unix Systems Management, which involves both administration and programming.
    Course Coordinator: Paul Miller
  • COSC2363 - Web Development Technologies Period: Jun-Sep 2021
    The subject introduces to design and build web applications using the (C#, ASP .NET Core, Typescript Angular) programming language, integrate web applications with a back-end database, build simple web services and address issues of security and performance in web applications.
    Course Coordinator: Matthew Bolger
  • COSC2135 - Programming 1 Period: Mar-Jun 2020, Mar-Jun 2021
    This course introduces Object-Oriented programming using the Java programming language. It covers: algorithm development using standard control structures; design methods such as step-wise refinement and object oriented programming; the use of standard Java classes and interfaces; the use of standard APIs; I/O processing; programming style and code reuse, and basic strategies for software testing.
    Course Coordinator: Kenneth Gardiner

2019 - Present

Senior Web Developer

  • Develop and lead the specification and design of web and digital systems in collaboration with departmental stakeholders including designers, architects, analysts and testers (Drupal).
  • Develop and lead team to create applications following business requirements and using Agile.
  • Provide technical expertise, input and feedback related to variety of IT projects conducted across divisions.
  • Leads, manages, selects and ensures compliance to appropriate design standards, methods and tools, consistent with agreed enterprise and solution architectures and ensures they are applied effectively.
  • Provide thought leadership on innovation and development of new and improved processes for improvement of design, development and user experience service delivery for web, cloud and digital services.

2016 - Present

Senior Web Developer

Mentor Education, Australia
Full Time 2011-2012 | Part Time 2012 - 2019

  • Led, developed, designed and deployed new modules on Learning Management System ( and Internal Student Management System: custom reporting modules, payment gateway integration (eWay, NAB, CBA)
  • Led, developed and maintained BAU (Business as Usual) activity on public website (
  • Server maintenance, installation and deployment both on-premises and AWS cloud (security update, disaster/recovery planning and assessments)
  • Led data migration, export/import data on different systems between internal – external SugarCRM

2011 - 2019

Web/Data Analyst

  • Led the data flow delivery from operators to all public facing applications: PTV Timetables, PTV Journey Planner, Website CMS / Maps.
  • Responsible in managing PTV Timetable API used by external developers / organisations.
  • Provide consultation, recommendations, and technical assistance to other divisions such as, MySQL database administration (create MySQL script to ensure testing databases are synchronised properly to the production database – for iPhone, Android backend testing).
  • Developed PTV website CMS module extension requested by PTV internal stakeholders.
  • Delivered using agile methodology approach (CodeIgniter Framework).
  • Developed reports (Provide statistical report, API Developer Key Report) - PTV databases to management.

2014 - 2016


  • Led data delivery / data flow project from end to end to public facing mobile and website applications (timetable / journey planner).
  • Performed Database Administration role to maintain, backup / restore Database systems for website and mobile applications.
  • Developed Journey Planner widget, PTV website CMS module extension (PHP - Silverstripe Framework), PTV feedback service (.NET Framework).
  • Developed web API to feed websites / mobile applications (.NET Framework).
  • Developed bash script / cron script (Linux operating system).
  • Performed multiple roles as Test Manager (3 months period) to release PTV mobile application version 3.0 : Defined the test plan, executed test, chair defect meeting, resolved issues with team members.
  • Performed multiple roles as Deployment Manager (3 months period) to ensure mobile application testing run according to the project delivery timeline.

2012 - 2014

Web Developer

  • Developed website CMS (Silverstripe framework) for Great Transport Race Melbourne.
  • Developed website CMS module extension requested by internal stakeholders.
  • Developed web service API application used by other internal applications to expose data to mobile application, website, Journey Planner, Timetable (.NET Framework).
  • Developed feedback application (.NET Framework).
  • Maintained mobile application database, XML data extraction.
  • Performed ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) from one database system to other systems.
  • Led web transition project from Metlink Melbourne to Public Transport Victoria.

2011 - 2012

Senior Web Developer / Web Development Manager

  • Developed internal web application module ( and using agile methodology (technologies used: PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, .NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, Photoshop).
  • Developed stand alone - debtor check application distributed to the client.
  • Performed ETL data process from third party vendor to internal system (XML, CSV, JSON).
  • Performed database optimization and data cleaning.
  • Led the IP-Phone System implementation and integration with internal web application.
  • Led the web application projects using Symfony2, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter to develop web based client application, web based business reports.

2010 - 2011

Sessional Tutor

  • FIT1039 – Web Systems (2015, Semester 1)
    This unit aims to teach students the technical and development process skills required for the development of IT-based application systems.
  • FIT5137 - Database analysis and processing (2014, Semester 1 and 2)
    Advanced database design using multi-dimensional database design and semi-structured database design are explored. Online analytical query language will be explored in the context of multi-dimensional database design.
  • FIT2076 - Web Database Interface (2012)
    Basic knowledge of programming and database concepts
  • FIT5032 - Internet Application and Technology (2009, 2010)
    To develop an application system that uses a web interface to a back-end database (XML based technology, XLTS, ASP.NET technologies).
  • FIT3043 - Web System 3 (2009)
    Static and dynamic web pages; ASP.Net environment; HTML forms reviewed; Standard server controls; C# language; Page life cycles; Event driven programming and postback; C# basics;
  • FIT1011 - Web System 1 (2009)
    Brief introduction to the physical structure of the Internet, W3C and its role, Document markup, Hypertext, Elements of web pages: text, graphics, media. (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

2009 - 2015


RMIT University

Master of Computer Science

GPA: 3.50/4.00

Australia, 2010

Monash University

Master of Applied Information Technology

GPA: 3.83/4.00

Australia, 2009

Bina Nusantara University

Bachelor of Information Technology

GPA: 3.43/4.00

Indonesia, 2006


Programming & Scripting Languages

PHP(codeIgniter,Symfony2,CakePHP,Drupal 7,Silverstripe), Python, ASP, ASP.NET C#, JavaScript, JQuery, SASS, CSS, Borland Delphi 7, UNIX

Database Technologies

Oracle, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, XML, XSLT, SQL Server

  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Generally when I have spare time or quiet time, I would spend my time reading self-help, philosophy and personal development books.
Once or twice a week, I will play indoor soccer just to get healthy and be active.
Teaching has been my passion since I was pursuing my bachelor degree in Indonesia; I was a computer programming tutor between 2002-2006.
I am so grateful the fact that I was given the opportunity to understand and teach some of lower level computer programming languages such as, C and C++ using Borland CPP 3 which you hardly find this course this day.

In addition to that, I was a tutor on other programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, 1st generation of .NET 2003 and SQL Server.
In 2007, I had a chance to continue my study in Melbourne, Australia. I couldn't leave behind my passion in teaching and I was also grateful to be able to continue my passion in teaching when I was my Master degree in Monash. I was working as a Sessional Tutor in Monash between 2009 - 2015.

Nowadays, we're living in Digital Era and almost everything is run remotely / online. Recently, I have just been appointed as an Online RMIT tutor starting on August 2019.
I've had a chance to be a tutor for UNIX System Administration and Programming course (SP3, 2019) and Web Programming (SP4, 2020).

Why teaching? everyone has their own satisfaction to accomplish something in their life;
Mine is to be able to contribute to education and share my knowledge. One day, I might apply for PhD if I am given a chance to do it. **fingers crossed

My partner and I have our own blog about food. You might say that we're self claimed Melbourne food blogger.
Often, we receive foor review invitations from restaurants in Melbourne and that's our weekend activity; We've done the food blogging thing since 2018. We're proud to say that we're top 5 Zomato blogger in Melbourne @whatepieats.


  • Individual Award – Work Together and Make it Happen | Victoria Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, March 2018
  • Customer Delivery Service Excellence Team | Victoria Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, 2017
  • 2017 GOV Design Award Victoria Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, 2017


  • GITLAB Certified Associate View
  • LPIC-1 Linux Administration View
  • CompTIA Linux+ View
  • MCSA Web Applications (Developing with ASP.NET MVC 4 Framework, 2019) View
  • MCSA Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 View
  • LPI - Linux Essential View
  • CIW Database Design Specialist (CIW – 1D0-541) View
  • CIW JavaScript Specialist (CIW – 1D0-635) View
  • ITIL Foundation (syllabus 2011 – EX0001) View
  • MySQL 5 Developer Certified Professional (Oracle – 1Z0-871, 1Z0-872) View
  • MySQL 5 Certified Associate (Oracle – 1Z0-870) View
  • XML Master Basic (XML Master, I10-001)
  • Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3 (Zend – 200-530) View

Projects Delivered